Top Schools With Forensic Anthropology Graduate Programs

After obtaining a bachelorís degree, those who want to pursue a career in forensic anthropology will want to continue their education. There are some great graduate programs located throughout the US, and by understanding a little more about them, individuals can narrow down their choices.

Boston University School of Medicine, MA

This school was ranked number 34 in the US News and World Reportís 2010 review of medical schools. Offering up a masterís program in forensic anthropology, Boston University School of Medicine features on site medical settings like the human anatomy lab. Also available to students is a 32-acre outdoor research facility where they will practice and hone the skills of investigation, forensic photography, recovery, and mapping techniques. Numerous areas are taught to students, including death investigation, human anatomy, research, witness testimony and more. Individuals can learn more at

Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA

Also on that US News and World Report list was Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. This one came in at number 67 and offers up a Master of Science in Anthropology, with a concentration in forensic and biological anthropology. There are five educational objectives that students will be taught throughout the 2 years, including forensic archaeology, forensic osteology, skeletal trauma analysis, forensic taphonomy, biostatistics and data analysis. At the end of the first year, students will take a 3-day exam, and at the end of the second year, will turn in a thesis. Individuals can learn more at

California State University, Chico

California State University, Chico offers a great masterís program in forensic anthropology. Those who want to continue after earning this degree can move into the physical or natural science as well as chemistry and quantitative analysis courses. There are three required core classes in addition to courses in method, techniques and legal systems. Students who earn their masterís here will work in the schoolís Physical Anthropology Human Identification Laboratory, which is a wonderful opportunity and provides great experience. To learn more, visit

Additional Schools with Graduate Forensic Anthropology Programs

There are a few great schools in addition to the previously listed ones. The University of Central Florida provides a Master of Science program with a great number of opportunities to gain experience in the field. Michigan State University also offers a Masters of Science program that is one of the oldest in the country. Students can study forensic anthropology with some of the greatest minds in the country. Information on these courses is available at and

These top schools continuously send out highly qualified forensic anthropologists who go on to become college professors who teach other students, or who work in the legal industry or in research. Many of those students go directly into the workforce and have positions available to them upon graduation. These are highly selective programs, so students will be expected to be excellent academically before being accepted. Itís important to do independent research regarding each school and program before determining which one suitís you the best.